group activities

● Welcome cocktail party

● Rehearsal dinner

● Wedding reception

● Farewell brunch

● Fun bonding activities such as Beach Olympics 

● Catamaran excursion or exploration of the local sites

resort or cruise selection

● We listen and then offer our professional guidance. Would you like a beach wedding or perhaps a wedding on a Glacier in Alaska. Would you like an intimate resort or a location with many activities? Will there be individuals under the age of 18 attending your Destination Wedding?  Do you require Kosher food? From where are your Guests traveling? During your complimentary consultation, we get to know you, your vision, and then provide our trusted suggestions.

Destination Mitzvah flawlessly plans, manages, and implements your spectacular, stress-free, Destination Wedding which will be full of beautiful memories that will always be remembered by your friends, your family, and especially you.

Because of our experience and relationships with cruise lines, resorts, and unique destinations such as on an Alaskan Glacier,  the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, through our IATA accreditation and relationships, no matter where you vision your Destination Wedding, we can make it a unbelievable experience forever remembered.

The Destination Mitzvah philosophy is to do everything possible to make this a stress-free and enjoyable process from start to finish.  From our first conversation to your actual Destination Wedding, our dedicated team is with you every step of the way!  

A Destination Mitzvah is designed to allow friends and family to celebrate this very special time in your lives over an extended period of time. While the ceremony is beautiful and the celebration will be fun, the additional components of a Destination Mitzvah such as welcome cocktail party, rehearsal dinner, farewell brunch, exploring new destinations, partaking in a group excursion, having a family friendly basketball or beach volleyball game, or participating in beach Olympics, further helps make this a unique and fun experience which will forever be remembered. The experienced Destination Mitzvah Team makes each wedding a customized complete experience.

Destination Mitzvah believes in relationships. We also believe in treating each Guest like "Family." When we are honored to be apart of a very special time in a family's lives, we strive to make the wedding experience stress-free, beautiful, and unforgettable, just like we would want our own family to have. We genuinely hope that you become part of the Destination Mitzvah "Family."


destination mitzvah customizes your wedding based on your vision. our team of experts are with you every step of the way, even on your special day to make the entire destination Wedding beautiful, stress-free, and an experience you and your guests will forever remember. our company is full service and based on your desires, your package may include:

during your destination wedding

● The Destination Mitzvah Team is on site

● Your Destination Mitzvah Wedding Coordinator manages all components of your Wedding weekend

● Guests have access to the Destination Mitzvah Team and the exclusive hospitality desk

● You are able to relax and enjoy your complete Wedding weekend as we have everything under control


jewish wedding traditions

● Based on your desires, Destination Mitzvah will "Bring the Synagogue" including a Torah, Kippot, Siddur, Tallit, and all items needed for a Jewish Wedding. You may also elect to have other religious components to the weekend activities such as a Kabbalat Shabbat Service or Havadalah Service. We incorporate as many Jewish Traditions into your Destination Wedding as you desire including: The Tish, Kabbalat Panim, Badeken, Sheva B'rachot, Breaking the Glass, and Yichud.

A COMPLETE experience

our rabbis and cantors

● The Destination Mitzvah Team is committed to building a relationship with you! This includes our team of Rabbis and Cantors primarily of Reform and Conservative backgrounds. Should you choose to have a Destination Mitzvah Rabbi or Cantor officiate your wedding, he or she will spend months getting to know you so that your wedding is customized for you!

Destination mitzvah event planner

● Your experienced Event Planner from the Destination Mitzvah Team will be with you every step of the way. He or she will be your eyes and ears throughout the process and intimate with your wedding details. Your event planner can be contacted at the office or even on their cell phone. And of course, (unlike other organizations) your event planner, the person who you have been in contact with from the beginning, will be at your spectacular Destination Wedding to implement as planned.

prior to your wedding

● Custom web site built for your Wedding

● FaceTime, Skype, call or meet in person with your Destination Mitzvah Wedding Coordinator 

● Converse with the Rabbi or Cantor who will officiate your wedding 

● The Destination Mitzvah Team is available for you and your Guests

● We manage the reservations, travel arrangements and Guest requests 


group TRAVEL and benefits

Destination Mitzvah is a full service agency that handles all of the travel needs of you and your Guests. This includes:

● Accommodations

● Transfers and rental cars

● Pre-travel concierge services

● Use of exclusive hospitality desk 

● Manage Guest requests