Absolutely! In fact, about 25% of Destination Mitzvahs have a family's favorite "hometown" Rabbi or Cantor teach the young adult and officiate the service. Your Destination Mitzvah Event Planner will work with your selected clergy to discuss the service, agenda, the location setup and ensure that he or she has all items needed for a beautiful Bar or Bat Mitzvah. 

can we work with our  synagogue's  clergy?

New York and the Northeast offers great, non stop flights to all of the locations of our resort partners. For shorter Destination Mitzvahs, consider the Club Med in Florida. Additionally, approximately five times a year, our partner cruise lines offer a "Cruise to No-Where." These cruises leave from Manhattan or Bayonne, New Jersey and are typically a Friday to Sunday cruise that offers great value.

any suggestions from new York / Northeast?


How long is a Destination Mitzvah? Destination Mitzvahs are customized and thus can vary based on length. The minimum stay at a resort is two nights which would be ideal for Club Med in Florida as less traveling is involved. However, our average resort stay is at least three nights and the typical cruise is three or four nights. This enables us to maximize the Destination Mitzvah experience including the service, celebration, and bonding activities.

What private activities are done on a Cruise to make for a complete Destination Mitzvah? Your Destination Mitzvah Event Planner will plan activities with you and then be on the cruise to implement these activities such as a sailaway champagne toast, a welcome cocktail party, a scavenger hunt, beach Olympics, use of the rock climbing wall, basketball games, a celebration, and group dinners.

What services do you provide for our Guests? We realize that you want your Guests to have a spectacular experience. Therefore, we also take care of the needs of your Guests including reserving their accommodations, answering questions, managing requests such as bedding configuration or dietary restrictions, and serving as a concierge to maximize their enjoyment.

Destination Mitzvah believes in quality, not quantity. We actually limit the number of Destination Mitzvahs to ensure our Clergy and team are able to abide by our philosophy of creating and implementing beautiful, stress-free events based on your needs. Holidays, school breaks and summers, are busy times for Destination Mitzvah. We suggest contacting us as soon as possible to check our availability.

Each Destination Mitzvah is customized based on the desires of the family. This includes the date and time of the service which may account for the itinerary of the cruise or perhaps the group's agenda at the resort. The service may take place in the morning or at sunset. You will work with your Destination Mitzvah Event Planner to select the best time and location.

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What accreditations does Destination Mitzvah have? We have an "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with zero complaints. We also are IATA accredited, in addition to being fully licensed, bonded, and insured. The relationships, bonds, and trust, that we establish with each family, enables us to implement beautiful Destination Mitzvahs.

What requirements does Destination Mitzvah have? We require at least one parent to be Jewish. While about 50% of our Destination Mitzvah families are affiliated with a synagogue, that is NOT a requirement. Also, we do not require your child to be enrolled in Sunday School. We do however require that your child wants to be come a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Does my child need to know how to read Hebrew? Each young adult is unique and we adapt to their capabilities. If your child is unable to read Hebrew, we will utilize our transliteration teaching method. Our clergy do our best to motivate each young adult to achieve their goal WITHOUT creating a stressful or intimidating environment.




Destination Mitzvah's Rabbis and Cantors make teaching Torah, Haftorah, and prayers, fun and engaging in a non-intimidating, relaxed and stress-free environment. We customize the teaching based on the young adults' understanding of Hebrew, their willingness and ability to learn. If needed, we will even transliterate the Hebrew to English. We teach at a time which is convenient for the child.  

If you don't live near me, how will my child be taught? Approximately 95% of Destination Mitzvahs' young adults have face to face meetings with our clergy through Skype or FaceTime. This style is more enjoyable and less intimidating for the youth. We begin teaching at least 6 months prior to the Destination Mitzvah, for 20 to 30 minutes, once  a week, with an increase in the last month.

Destination Mitzvah is a full service company. We take care of you and your Guests. We plan and manage the travel aspects of the Destination Mitzvah including accommodations. Our clergy teaches your son or daughter and officiates the service. Our Event Planners coordinate all of the logistics and implement the group activities, service, and celebration. 

What do you mean by "We bring the Synagogue?"  Destination Mitzvah brings a Torah, Kippot, Siddur, Tallit, Shabbat Candles, and Kiddish Cup. Our Rabbi or Cantor who taught your son on daughter will also officiate the Bar or Bat Mitzvah service. "Bringing the Synagogue" enables us to have the service in a beautiful and unique location.

Where are the resorts located?  Destination Mitzvah is partners with Club Med, Beaches, and Hard Rock. All of these resorts are family friendly and all inclusive. The activities, amenities and experience is designed for enjoyment by all members of the family. Our resort partners are located in Florida, Jamaica, Mexico, Punta Cana, and Turks & Caicos.

What is the typical cruise itinerary, duration, and where do the cruises leave from? We are partners with 17 different cruise lines. So regardless if you are looking for a small or large ship, mainstream or luxury, departing from anywhere in the US, we can have a Destination Mitzvah. Our popular weekend cruise options include a "cruise to nowhere," a cruise to the Bahamas or a cruise to Cozumel.

What private activities are done at the Resort to make for a complete Destination Mitzvah? Your Destination Mitzvah Event Planner will plan activities with you and then be there at the resort to implement these activities such as a welcome cocktail party on the beach, beach Olympics, sailboat races, volleyball and basketball games, reserved beach lounge chairs, a celebration, and group dinners.

Can you describe the Bar or Bat Mitzvah Service? Each service is customized based on the desires of the family. The average service is about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. We make the service engaging and incorporate our special traditions such as the passing of the Torah, of course, if it is desired by the family. The service is officiated by the same Rabbi or Cantor who taught your son or daughter.

Where can we have a Destination Mitzvah? Destination Mitzvah "brings the synagogue" and has relationships with 17 cruise lines and 3 all inclusive resorts. Therefore, from the beaches in the Bahamas to the Glaciers of Alaska, the possibilities are endless. Our relationships, knowledge and experience allows us to customize your Destination Mitzvah.

The reasons to do a Destination Mitzvah are plentiful. These include a stress-free experience, relaxed requirements, having the ceremony in a breath-taking location, having the service in a non intimidating environment and the value. But one consistent reason is the opportunity to bond and celebrate with friends and family over an extended period.

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"Bring the synagogue"

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Destination Mitzvah offers a complete solution where we plan, manage, and implement unique, beautiful and stress-free Bar or Bat Mitzvahs that will be remembered. Our team of experienced and dedicated Event Planners, Rabbis and Cantors will be with you every step of the way. We also have direct relationships with cruise lines and all inclusive resorts.


the destination mitzvah team is happy to speak with you and answer any question which you may have. below are answers to some of the most common questions.

Destination Mitzvah is partners with 17 different cruise lines and 3 family friendly all inclusive resorts. Our services are comprehensive and customized to your needs. Our philosophy is to create a stress-free and beautiful experience which you, your family, your friends, and especially your son or daughter will forever remember. Here are answers to some of our most common questions. However, please never hesitate to contact us at (855)664-8982. Thank you!