Destination Mitzvah has relationships with 17 different cruise lines. We also have knowledge of beautiful locations (and non traditional locations) on board cruise ships which, based on your vision, help make the setting for the service spectacular.  Of course, a cruise also offers fine dining, resort style amenities, and Broadway style entertainment as you travel to magnificent ports of call.

A Destination Mitzvah in Costa Rica is beautiful. Our Guests are able to take advantage of the unique hot springs at the resort and participate in outdoor adventurous activities such as ziplining. Additionally, the setting for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah service is unique as it can be with the Arenal Volcano in the background.

Destination Mitzvah has relationships with two tour boat companies, one which sails the New River in Fort Lauderdale and the other which sails in Miami's Biscayne Bay. During this Destination Mitzvah, we charter the boat to have a beautiful service followed by a celebration as we gently glide down the inter coastal water ways and past some of South Florida's famous landmarks.

on board a cruise

costa rica

new river or

Biscayne bay

St. Thomas is a popular port of call on Eastern Caribbean cruises as well as a great location for a Destination Mitzvah. We have relationships to boat companies to have the service on a secluded beach or at Buck Island where you can swim with large turtles. We also have relationships with two distinct hotels.

These sailings which occur about 10 times a year from New York, New Orleans, Texas, and other ports, are great as they are often weekend cruises, with non stop activities, great amenities, and fine dining that simply do not visit a port of call. We will have the service in a beautiful location on board the ship along with other private group activities. 

Grand Cayman offers beautiful beaches and incredible snorkeling. One of the most popular activities is to snorkel and touch Stingrays at Stingray City, a series of shallow sandbars that are home to these beautiful mammals. Destination Mitzvah has the ability to charter a boat, where we will have the ceremony followed by a spectacular time at Stingray City.




A great location for either a Destination Mitzvah or Mitzvah at Sea, Nassau is included in many cruise itineraries and is also conveniently accessible from many cities on the East Coast. Destination Mitzvah has a relationship with two hotels, one boat company and two venues. 

The scenery in Juneau is absolutely breathtaking. Known for its whale population in the summer months as well as for its glaciers, Destination Mitzvah has the ability to offer a Bar or Bat Mitzvah service on a chartered boat surrounded by breaching whales or at a scenic location with views of the glaciers.

From Key Largo to Key West and all keys in between, Destination Mitzvah has relationships with several hotels and boat companies. Easily accessible from Miami as well as a popular port of call on a cruise, the Keys offers great fishing, snorkeling, beaches, relaxation, and of course, beautiful sunsets.

Beaches Resorts are the family friendly all inclusive properties of Sandals. Choose to have your Destination Mitzvah at either of their two resorts in Jamaica or their beautiful resort in the Turks & Caicos. At Beaches, it is all included, even the scuba diving. Kids and adults alike can enjoy water slides, pools, non stop activities, great food and drinks.

Hard Rock all inclusive resorts offer something for everybody. We are honored to have a great relationship with Hard Rock and recommend the Punta Cana, Cancun, Riviera Maya or Vallarta locations. Depending on the resort, you can learn to become a rockstar, relax on the beach, play tennis, go to a nightclub, dine in several restaurants or visit the bars.

Destination Mitzvah has an excellent relationship with the very family focused, all inclusive Club Med resorts including Sandpiper Florida, Cancun, and Punta Cana. Based on the location, at Club Med, you can waterski, play tennis, kayak, and fly high like an acrobat at its circus school. Meals and drinks are also included. 

Known for its beautiful beaches and many golf courses, Bermuda is a popular destination during the summer months. Destination Mitzvah has relationships with two hotels, one restaurant, and one boat company, all which will make for a beautiful setting for the Bar or Bat Mitzvah service.

An ideal and unique location for residents of Florida or Families considering a "Day of Embarkation" service and celebration, Destination Mitzvah has the ability to perform a beautiful Bar or Bat Mitzvah service surrounded by wildlife either on board an airboat or at a log cabin in the middle of the Florida Everglades. 

Located in Fort Lauderdale, and only minutes from Port Everglades and Port Miami, Flamingo Gardens is a beautiful and peaceful wildlife sanctuary and botanical garden. Flamingo Gardens allows Destination Mitzvah the ability to have the Bar or Bat Mitzvah in a variety of breathtaking locations and then enables Guests to tour the property.

A beautiful destination known for its snorkeling, Destination Mitzvah has relationships with two hotels where we are able to have the service on the beach and then use the beautiful hotel amenities for the remainder of the day. We also have a relationship with a Catamaran company where during a private excursion, Guests can snorkel following the service.

Recently enhanced, the beautiful private island of Norwegian Cruise Line is a spectacular setting for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah Service. Because of our great relationship with NCL, we typically have the service on the beach. Great Stirrup Cay is included on the popular NCL Sky weekend cruise as well as other itineraries visiting the Bahamas.

Nassau, bahamas

Juneau, alaska

Florida KEYS

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florida everglades

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Cozumel, mexico

great stirrup cay, bahamas

cococay, Bahamas

The private island of Royal Caribbean, this port of call is included on many itineraries to the Bahamas. Because of our relationship with RCCL, we are able to have a spectacular ceremony on the beach. Additionally, based on the size of the group, we may have beach Olympics or a family friend beach volleyball game.


The possibilities are endless! destination mitzvah "brings the synagogue" and therefore the bar or bat mitzvah ceremony location can be a spectacular setting, customized for your desires.

Whether you are considering a Mitzvah At Sea or a Destination Mitzvah on land, because of our relationship with with 17 different cruise lines and 3 family friendly all inclusive resorts, our experienced team can create a magical setting. Below are just some of the settings which will further help create a beautiful Bar or Bat Mitzvah that will forever be remembered. Many of these destinations can be accessed for a Destination Mitzvah or a Mitzvah At Sea.