Imagine being surrounded by your friends and family as you experience your Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Imagine your son or daughter reading from the Torah in a spectacular venue on board a cruise ship. Imagine your celebration taking place in a unique shipboard location such as a disco. Imagine the possibility of having the service in the Florida Everglades or at a beautiful location such as Flamingo Gardens. Imagine having a stress free experience, where all of the details are carefully planned, managed, and implemented by the experienced and dedicated Mitzvah At Sea Team. Imagine being able to continue your celebration throughout the cruise as you relax, tour, and experience beautiful ports of call.  

Destination Mitzvah offers our families the ability to have their Bar or Bat Mitzvah service and celebration prior to actually setting sail on the cruise, on board an incredible cruise ship or at a beautiful unique venue close to the port. Because of our relationship with Norwegian Cruise Line and our expertise, you can have friends and family who unfortunately are unable to actually sail on the cruise, still attend the service and celebration.  Following the service and celebration, Guests who are unable to sail will disembark the ship while your friends and family who can sail on the cruise, stay on board.

Destination Mitzvah completely plans, manages, and implements the service and celebration. Regardless as to which ship you select, the same Destination Mitzvah Event Planner with whom you have been meeting, will be there with the team to implement all of the intricate details of the day. We will "Bring the Synagogue" including the Torah, Kippot, Tallit, Siddur, Kiddish, and all items needed for the service. Destination Mitzvah also manages the cruise experience for all sailing Guests including reserving the cabin, providing a cruise concierge, and developing a complete cruise experience which includes exclusive group activities.

While you can utilize your own clergy, Destination Mitzvah's on staff Rabbis and Cantors officiate the service and make the study of Torah, Haftorah, and prayers fun and engaging based on your child’s schedule, learning style, and capabilities. We make this special time in your son or daughter’s life stress-free and full of beautiful memories for themselves, their family, and their friends.

popular day of embarkation cruise ships

A Destination Mitzvah can occur on select Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) itineraries departing from any port. Here are our most popular Day of Embarkation cruises.

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)

NCL is a leader in the cruise industry with its spectacular Broadway style entertainment such as Legally Blonde, Rock of Ages, and Blue Man Group, its resort style amenities such as waterparks, ropes courses, and rock climbing walls, its modern accommodations, gourmet food, and spectacular service. NCL has also pioneered "Freestyle Cruising" providing you freedom during your cruise.  

MANHATTAN - NCL Breakaway & NCL Gem 

MIAMI - NCL Getaway, NCL Escape, NCL Pearl, & NCL Epic




HOUSTON - NCL Jewel & NCL Jade

TAMPA - NCL Sun & NCL Star


SEATTLE - NCL Jewel & NCL Pearl

PACKAGE: day of embarkation

bar and bat mitzvah service and celebration on board the ship or near the port, prior to the start of the cruise