Imagine having your private villa in Belize or perhaps a small hotel in the Florida Keys, just for your friends and family to celebrate your son or daughters Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Imagine having the service with the backdrop of a volcano in Costa Rica or on a secluded island in the Caribbean. Image the Destination Mitzvah team at the unique destination to implement all group activities and especially the Bar or Bat Mitzvah service and celebration. Imagine a Destination Mitzvah full of private group activities such as excursions to local sites, snorkeling to famous underwater national parks, beach Olympics, kayak races, and family friendly basketball games.

The Destination Mitzvah Team Member who is intimate with your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, is at the unique destination with your friends and family so that you can focus on having a spectacular time. We take care of all of the fine details and implement the Bar or Bat Mitzvah service, celebration, and group activities as planned. We also serve as a concierge for the group, making sure that all Guests have a beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Destination Mitzvah "Bring's the Synagogue" including the Torah, Kippot, Tallit, Siddur, Shabbat Candles, Kiddish Cup, and all items needed for the ceremony. Additionally, the Destination Mitzvah Rabbi or Cantor who has taught your son or daughter Torah, Haftorah, and prayers will also be at the unique destination to officiate the Bar or Bat Mitzvah service along with any other religious services you desire such as Kabbalat Shabbat or Havdalah.

Destination Mitzvah manages the travel experience for all Guests including reserving the room and serving as a concierge for each friend and family member. We genuinely believe in making this special time in your lives a stress free and beautiful experience that everyone, especially your son or daughter, will forever remember.

destination mitzvah  UNIQUE DESTINATIONS 

Destination Mitzvah offers endless possibilities! Through our IATA accreditation and relationships with unique properties throughout North America and the Caribbean, we can implement your vision. Additionally, through our travel experiences and knowledge, we can recommend spectacular unique destinations for your Destination Mitzvah including:  

The Florida Keys: Destination Mitzvah has relationships with several hotels and unique properties from Key Largo to Key West. These properties include large resort hotels to smaller luxury properties which can be rented entirely for your Destination Mitzvah.

Belize: Destination Mitzvah has relationships with several Villas that accommodate up to 20 Guests. Belize offers many beautiful locations for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah service.

Costa Rica: Destination Mitzvah has a relationship with two resorts that have hot springs and extensive outdoor activities. The service can take place with the Arenal Volcano in the background.

St. Thomas / USVI / BVI: Destination Mitzvah has relationships with a variety of hotels and the ability to have the Bar or Bat Mitzvah service in several unique locations such as on a secluded beach.


from private villas to beautiful hotels and from costa rica to the florida keys, the possibilities are endless.