we can't wait to celebrate with you

To Our Dearest Family - 

This is it – Welcome to Charlie’s Bat Mitzvah Website!

We are thrilled to invite you to join us on this special journey as Charlie becomes a Bat Mitzvah. 

It was our goal to create an experience for Charlie that was truly spiritual.  For us, becoming a Bat Mitzvah is a critical milestone for many reasons.  First is the continuity of a tradition that began thousands of years ago.  Second, is the entry into a new role in the Jewish Community and the responsibilities that go with that.  Third, it is the choice she made to hold her Bat Mitzvah over the Thanksgiving Holiday, a holiday focused on gratitude and family. Finally, it is an opportunity to allow Charlie to shine – to demonstrate the girl she is and the type of woman we hope her to become.

It is at this intersection of all of these reasons that the idea for this Destination Mitzvah was born.

We are so proud of Charlie and the young adult she is growing into.

​We hope that you will join us for even a few days.  We recognize that this is a big commitment. The actual events will begin with Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and culminate with her Bat Mitzvah on Saturday evening. And of course there will be lots scheduled in between!

All necessary information can be found on this website or please contact Evan Gross, our Destination Mitzvah Coordinator.

​We look forward to celebrating with you!

All our love-

Kathy and Rob