​    JACOB's destination mitzvah   

accommodations and travel

Jacob and his family will be arriving at the resort December 30, 2019 and will be staying until January 4, 2020. The Destination Mitzvah activities will be focused around December 31st to January 2nd and possibly include January 3rd. Therefore, you may check in and depart based on your desires. We kindly as that you please make your reservation through Destination Mitzvah as this will help with keeping the group together. To make your reservation and to view available options, please CLICK HERE or call Destination Mitzvah at (855)6-MITZVAH, (855)664-8982. Thank You!



 12.31.2019 to 1.2.2020

ami and boris would be honored by your presence as jacob BECOMES A bar mITZVAH.  

Jacob's Destination Mitzvah will take place at Club Med Sandpiper, an all inclusive, family friendly resort located in Port St. Lucie Florida, approximately 45 minutes North of West Palm Beach. A Destination Mitzvah is not just about the ceremony and celebration but about bonding and celebrating with friends and family. We have organized several activities such as a beach volleyball game, beach Olympics, a cocktail party, group dinners and of course a beautiful service and celebration. When you are not participating in the group activities, take advantage of the many incredible amenities and activities at the resort including the three pools, sailing,  kayaking, trapeze, multiple tennis courts, gym, spa, restaurants, and bars. You may also consider taking a lesson in a number of sports including tennis and golf.  Nonstop activities for the adults as well as the kids, Club Med Sandpiper is an ideal destination to help create a beautiful and memorable Bar Mitzvah for Jacob.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019
3:30pm to 4:00pm – Hospitality Desk - #1 (Reception) – There is no need to stop by. But if you need to speak with Evan, you can do so at this time or call (954)790-4409
6:30pm – Dinner - #4 (The Marketplace Restaurant)
Evening – New Year’s Celebration – The resort will be celebrating and we can’t wait to ring in 2020 with you!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020
10:30am to 11:30am – Group Olympics - Please meet at the far end of the Beach (#15 – away from #3).  For kids and adults, whoever would like to attend is more than welcome to do so.
4:00pm – Jacob becomes a Bar Mitzvah. Service starts promptly at 4:00pm. – Gazebo to the left of #3 (Riverside Restaurant). Simply walk on the pathway passing Riverside Restaurant on your right and the Gazebo, which overlooks the Bay, will be on your left in a minute.
5:30pm to 8:30pm – THE CELEBRATION CONTINUES - #3 (Riverside Restaurant)
Hanging out after the celebration and Club Med Show - #5 (Slice bar and lounge)

Thursday, January 2, 2020
Kids tubing – Please arrive at least 15 minutes BEFORE your scheduled start time – Tubing is located between #12 and #7 on the Bay. Parents must come to sign the waiver.
11:00am: Jacob Sherman, Isaac Payne, Miranda Benson, Maya Anger
11:15am: Hannah Sherman, Meredith Payne, Max Benson
11:30am: Payton Wattenberg, Jordan Wattenberg, Livi Anger, Senna Mishoulam
11:45am: Zack Wattenberg, Bradley Wattenberg, Jenna Wattenberg
5:30pm to 6:30pm – Cocktail Party – Join us for a fun cocktail party – Spanish Patio – To access the Spanish Patio, walk inside the building where the Theater is located #16. Pass the Theater on your left and pass the restrooms on your right. Once you pass the restrooms, you will see the doors going outside to the Spanish Patio (which is also in front of the conference rooms).
6:30 to 7:45pm - Dinner - #4 (The Marketplace Restaurant – where we ate on Tuesday)
7:45pm to 8:45pm – S’mores Farewell Party (on the Beach #15)

Friday, January 3rd and Saturday, January 4th, 2020
We wish everyone safe travels home. Should you need to reach Evan, please do not hesitate to contact him at 954-790-4409. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!

HIGHLIGHTS of club med sandpiper

Located less than an hour from West Palm Beach Airport, Club Med Sandpiper stretches along the St. Lucie River in Port St. Lucie, Florida. This family friendly all inclusive resort has activities and amenities ideal for Guests of all ages. For the sports enthusiast there are amenities, lessons and activities  to keep you busy throughout the day and night. For the Guest who would like to relax, there are multiple pools, hot tubs, a man made beach and a spa. For the children, there is an incredible program with nonstop activities.  At Club Med Sandpiper, all Guests will enjoy the nightly entertainment. There are three restaurants, a lounge, and multiple bars, all included as part of your stay. Club Med Sandpiper is a destination that will bring family and friends together as we celebrate this very special time in Jacob's life.

itinerary updates and important guest information

jacob's destination mitzvah highlights

Come celebrate, bond, and have fun at Club Med Sandpiper, Port St. Lucie, Florida as Jacob becomes a Bar Mitzvah. We have planned several private group activities to celebrate this very special time in Jacob's life. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Welcome Cocktail Party
  • Beach Olympics
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Bar Mitzvah Service
  • Bar Mitzvah Celebration
  • Farewell S'mores Party
  • ​Group Dinners

* Activities are subject to change and a complete itinerary will be provided prior to the Destination Mitzvah


Dear Friends and Family,  

One of my favorite things to do is read.  I am lucky that I have always had lots of books to read, but not everybody does.  In middle-income neighborhoods, the ratio of books per child is 13 to 1, but in low-income neighborhoods, the ratio is 1 book per 300 kids.  61% of low-income families have no books at all for their children at home.

For my mitzvah project, I am hosting a book drive to support Hindi’s Libraries.  Hindi’s Libraries is a charity started in memory of Dr. Hindi Kinsky who was a Jewish mother and teacher.  She also loved to read and inspired her students to love reading too.  Since January 2019, Hindi’s Library donated more than 40,000 books to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Israel.    

I hope that this project gives a lot of kids the chance to read books.  You can help me by donating any new, or gently used, children’s books. I will be collecting donations in the Shir Hadash lobby on Sunday December 1st, 8th and 15th from 9am-12:30pm.

Thank you for your support,