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Welcome to Owen's Bar Mitzvah website!!!

We were both surprised when Owen came to us with the desire to make his Bar Mitzvah. Since Marty and I both had not had the experience we were really impressed that Owen was passionate about this. But, that is just typical of Owen. Owen is just a very unique child. He is smart, curious, adventurous and kind beyond belief. Not a day goes by that he does not amaze us.

Owen has a love of sports. He plays basketball, lacrosse and flag football. Owen plays all of those sports with a great passion. He loves being part of a team and especially enjoys when his team mates make the game fun. He rarely walks off a field or court without a smile. After a loss many of his teammates will be sad and frustrated. But, this is how he approaches life. He is just easy natured and funny. Our family hopes that you can join us for this celebration. We are certain that it will be an amazing event and a very special day for Owen.