It’s time for Ryan’s Bar Mitzvah! We are so proud of Ryan as he approaches this important milestone in his life.  A Bar Mitzvah service and celebration as unique as cruising the Hudson River on a yacht, fits Ryan and his adventurous spirit perfectly! It combines both his love of travel and history! The location honors his many family members that immigrated through these same waters as they made their way towards a new beginning. This day for Ryan, will also honor his new beginning into Jewish adulthood.

Ryan is an amazing kid! One of the most amazing things about Ryan is that he is “all in” in everything he does. Whether he is playing lacrosse, flag football, or jumping into the pool, his energy and excitement is 100% for each moment. It is one of the traits that explains why he has so many friends and why people enjoy spending time with him. His spirit is light, playful and fun.

Ryan loves playing sports, being outside and spending time with friends. He will take any chance he has to do anything outdoors. He is filled with energy so he loves using that energy to do his best in all areas of his life. One of the wonderful qualities about Ryan is that even though he is “all in” in everything he does, he also does not sweat it when his team loses a game. His question as we walk off the field is usually, “What’s for snack?”

We are looking forward to seeing Ryan take on this journey with all of his zest for life that he shows in all of his other interests. We look forward to having you share this special time with Ryan! And rest assured, there will be tons of snacks!! Rock on Ryan and Always Choose Awesome!!

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